Quality Control and Inspection

Quality Control and Inspection

Zastata works with manufacturers who are at least ISO9001 certified and have passed a stringent quality audit to the European standards. We have strong understanding and experience with quality control processes like PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), MSA (Measurement System Analysis), FAI (First Article Inspection), FMEA (Failure Mode Effective Analysis)

Product design work

Quality control is the key for a smooth supply chain management and to avoid last minute quality issues. Zastata keeps on top of it through various Quality processes right from vetting the right manufacturer to maintaining a Supplier quality score.

New Supplier Questionnaire

This initial process covers various aspects of organization which are key to identify a quality supplier

Onsite Inspection Services

Zastata ensures that any samples or initial lot of production is checked on-site at supplier’s factory before dispatch. We prepare our own quality inspection documentation to ensure all dimensions and other critical parameters are covered during the inspection.

Zastata exports to China on few commodities

Supply chain management

Right from PO placement to dispatch, there are end number of things which might go wrong or which require close attention. Zastata has a track record of 98.8% of on-time delivery through our manufacturers (FY21-22). We work on various aspects of supply chain management to keep things in check.

Zastata exports to China on few commodities

End to End consulting

We have worked with various startups and bigger companies with our expert advice on getting product manufactured in India

Setup Company in India

Zastata aids foreign entities in establishing Indian businesses, collaborating with our partner firm for a smooth setup process.


Zastata facilitates seamless global transportation of Indian goods, navigating complex logistics, policies, and regulations for land, sea, and air shipments.

Find Manufacturers

Zastata excels in advising on optimal manufacturers and has a trusted pool ensuring a seamless manufacturing process from quote to delivery.

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