Find Manufacturers

Find Manufacturers

Zastata is well placed to guide on selecting the right manufacturer from right location. Over the years, we have selected a pool of suppliers who can be entrusted with smooth flow of complete manufacturing process from quotation to delivery.

Selecting the right manufacturer in India

The initial and crucial step is to select the right manufacturer who can be a long term partner. We select our manufacturer based on various criteria’s.

The deal breakers – Quotations and Audit

After the initial checks, the first deal breaker might possibly be the quotation.

Once the quotation is accepted, the other deal breaker might be our audit. We perform a stringent in-person audit by our in-house qualified auditor before selecting a supplier.

Our manufacturer location

Based on above few criteria’s, we select our manufacturer if they are able to score a set percentage.

Zastata exports to China on few commodities

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