End to End consulting

End to end Consulting

We have worked with various startups and bigger companies with our expert advice on getting product manufactured in India. As our roots believe in transparency and proving real in-ground information, we have managed to work with all our customers for a long time by providing value and simplifying complex matters.

Product design work

Zastata has tie-ups with our own design houses, and we work with design team of the chosen manufacturer to bring your product to life.

We understand the best way to manufacture a product which can help to reduce cost, lead times etc. We work with you until the final drawings are finalized from your end and also go beyond our scope of work to help the project rolling. We can submit the final drawings in various formats as required – .dwg, .STEP, .model, .asm, .sldprt among others.

Cost reduction proposals

Zastata has tie-ups with our own design houses, and we work with design team of the chosen manufacLast financial year, we helped our customers save a combined $1M of cost saving. If you are looking to reduce cost for your existing component/product, we will definitely get this done whilst maintaining the same level of product quality and service.turer to bring your product to life.

Sourcing from India

It’s a no brainer that sourcing from Asian countries is most likely to be cost effective even after the big chunk of logistics cost. But in last few years, India sourcing has been chosen as good alternative to sourcing from China. For few commodities, Indian manufacturers cannot compete with China prices but some are better off sourcing from India.

Zastata exports to China on few commodities

Whilst China still has upper hand in electronics, Indian government is building a manufacturing hub for the same which means sourcing PCBA’s or box builds can be cost effective in near future too.

Zastata helps to provide key information in identifying the right manufacturer from right location. We submit quotation once everything is checked and agreed and all terms & conditions in quotation sheet are available and clear.

Supply chain management

Right from PO placement to dispatch, there are end number of things which might go wrong or which require close attention. Zastata has a track record of 98.8% of on-time delivery through our manufacturers (FY21-22). We work on various aspects of supply chain management to keep things in check.

Zastata exports to China on few commodities

Logistics from India

Logistics is usually considered bottleneck by many companies in west which is partly true. Zastata has the right amount of experience to ensure shipment reaches the end location as quickly as possibly with minimal to Zero hindrance.

We work with you to obtain sea freight or air freight cost for the shipment and plan the shipment accordingly to avoid any dead time. Zastata has their own nominated freight forwarder or we work with your nominated freight forwarder as per requirement.

Air Shipments – UPS, FEDEX, DHL
Sea Shipments – Various companies depending on end location

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