Zastata can help with movement of goods from India to different parts of the world. Logistics can be tricky with various policies and regulations associated with shipping from India. Zastata helps to ensure the transport of goods by land, sea or Air goes smoothly and without any Indian customs issue.

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Zastata can arrange air freight from various ports in India across the globe. We can also co-ordinate air freight from Supplier location to the requisite destination with complete tracking.

We work with various freight providers like UPS, DHL and Fedex for this. We have also worked out better pricing with all freight providers so our cost is typically low compared to any standard cost.

As Zastata has been arranging air freights for many years to different locations, we guarantee fast delivery times as shipments pass through customs pretty quickly. Zastata can also help to check the shipping documents of your nominated supplier to ensure all are in check and 100% complete.

The shipping time from India is usually 4-5 days and we ensure to improve this by arranging quick shipment pickup and faster customs approval. Zastata are registered with various ports in India for air shipment. These include:

Sea freight from India

Whilst air freight can be arranged relatively quickly, arranging sea freight requires a bit of planning. The number of documentations required increases significantly compared to air freight. Zastata has been helping global companies with most efficient sea freight service for LCL shipment and full load containers.

LCL or Full load Container shipments from India

Zastata organizes/arranges LCL shipment or full load container shipments (i.e 20” container or 40” container load) from various parts of India across the globe. The total cost of sea freight is divided in 3 main categories:
Origin Charges – Inclusive of ENS, Clearance, local transport, THC and Bill of Lading (BIL)

Freight Charges – Ocean freight charges

Destination Charges – DTHC (Destination terminal handling charge), documentation, Delivery and handling charges.

Zastata has registration in various ports across India to cover every region of supplier base. The busiest port we mostly use are
Port of Nhava Sheva | Mundra Port | Chennai Port | Tuticorin Port

Shipping cost from India

The shipping cost from India is usually 6%-8% of the Invoice for sea freight and 10%-15% for air freight. However, this can change based on weight of the shipment. With approved vendors of freight forwarders, Zastata can offer competitive price for shipping of goods from India.

The total shipping cost is usually less compared to China due to bilateral agreement between India and several countries. This essentially means that duty paid is either NIL or minimal which reduces the shipping cost and in turn the total product cost.

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