Zastata began its operations in October 2015 as a consultancy firm focusing on in-ground support. The vision was to form a Sourcing company which follows ethical standards and communication levels to any European or American organization. The initial focus was also to establish manufacturers who believes in same ethics and maintains good communication level at all times

By late 2019, Zastata started shipping goods to Denmark and UK via LCL and full load containers. We believe in long term relationship and are focused to expand our wings in near future to include multiple warehouses and presence in key countries.

Why Zastata

We can give few good reasons to choose us over other bigger sourcing or manufacturing companies:

  • You will find us always available, quick to respond and transparent to anything and everything.
  • We understand quality level requirements as most of our team have worked with manufacturers abroad.
  • All of our manufacturers go through rigorous documentation, audit and reviews.
  • Our service level will be at par to what you are used to see.
  • We are not expensive and focused on taking actions actively for customer’s benefit.